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Edmond's Plaza Florist

About Edmond's Plaza Florist

Edmond's Plaza Florist in San Mateo strives to be the best at what we do. We continually scour the market for new flowers, textures, greenery. We follow current trends and moreover, create our own.

Our store features a large walk-in refrigerator stocked full of high-end flowers in a variety of colors and textures. Our work has been described as impecable and we stand behind it.

As for Edmond himself, he started as a delivery guy, back in 1980, in what used to be San Mateo Plaza Florist and very quickly fell in love with the flowers and the energy around them.

He decided to buy the shop and continue to serve the people of San Mateo, and the Peninsula area in whole, but he wanted to be different, special and to go High End!

He wanted to be unique and so he started to import orchids, birds of paradise, heliconias (which became the logo) and other tropical flowers directly from the growers in Hawaii. It was in times when tropical flowers were unknown and unfamiliar and even today we are famous for our unique and beautiful tropical selection of cut flowers and arrangements.

Today, as much as in the past, Edmond continues with the same vision of being unique, extraordinary and supplies only the best quality flowers. Whether it is plants, European gardens or fresh cut arrangements, we will always try to be a little different and a little better and always, Always with a smile!

Best Regards,

Edmond & Elanit Sasounian and all of us here at Edmond's Plaza Florist
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